RELAXATION- Plant gift box for him

RELAXATION- Plant gift box for him

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Meet the RELAXATION box- A gift specially curated for those gentlemen who need a little oooohsaaa for all their hard work. RELAXATION is a gift box specifically created to sooth and renew. A handcrafted cedar box filled with assortment of items and a plant from PLANT Terrariums. All gift boxes are completed with a Wrinkle and Crease mini card!

Some of our favorite vendors for RELAXATION are: Rosso, Woodlot, Oh Deer, Medicine River Soap Co, Drizzle & Happy Spritz.

Each gift box will include a variety of items according to budget and product availability. Items may vary. Box sizes pictured is our RELAXATION for him small, medium and large.

For custom gift box configurations don't hesitate to contact us at!

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